Trap Door

by F3n & Flow

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Made a little rap track with my buddy Rhyme Flow :)

Hope y'all enjoy!


Rhyme Flow:

F3 with a Trap Beat
Couldn't connect the dots on this track till he had me.

Rhyme Flow in the back of the class
leaning back on the last seat. On this fast beat.

Till ya sick of this, I'm frickin ridiculous.
Only rappin pony rap until radios pickin us.

Look at us thinkin we makin it mainstream.
It's a fake wish more like an insane dream.

Listen, I do it for dudes and ladies
who like My Little Pony but maybe rap evasive

What I mean is the crap gettin airplay.
Sucks like Rarity's havin a bad hair day

Wanna show 'em hip-hop can amount to more.
Tells stories with subject matter and metaphors

Wanna buck the hinges on these brittle metal doors
Gonna settle scores using just a little horse.


A little horse, get it?
I'll spread it on reddit until you get force fed it.

In a bed of lettuce - Pinkie Pie then met us
And I fed us a salad in just like five minutes.

Did I make a show reference...
Guess I said it for yall to pay deference.

Cept it's a bit of inception.
A Pony verse trapped in a Trap Beat I mentioned.

Attention - to everypony and then some.
It's Rhyme Flow and F3NNING ready to get some..

We buck wild and mild mannerly handsome.
Got Fillies silly and really whispering "damn son".

So cancel your plans
And answer demands of the Flow & the F3n.

Cause we're goin again just to show you we can
Mow you over with prose that's supplied by the pen.


what's wrong bro, you know that this my jam tho, you say we can't trap yo, I'll show you this trap door

we go slow, ponies make it ice cold, you say we can't trap yo, I'll show you this trap door

I'll show you this trap door x8

versace versace medusa head on me like I'm gonna suffocate
showing the trap that a pony be styling yeah when they watch it there's no debate
a technical flow, I'm taking it slow, I'm stealing versace call me drake
but we hate no more, we watching the show like a jockey we lovin it out the gate

dodge this, Ib, we never lettin ya rhyme flow or your buddy ever go to waste
we rep you, but you busy and we kinda let the song go all the way out of a 3 minute pace
speakin of pace, gimmie the bass, I'ma set the bar when we taking you all the way into outer space
floating around, bucking it with the ponies, seein all of you wishing that you could even touch base

baldface, that's the type of lie that you can spread when you sayin we bad
nullspace, that's the type of brain that you possess when you sayin you rad
really is it even a compo when I say kendrick and tyler and nas oh
but you ain't never heard a single song they made tho, so really what's the point, rap is never displayed bro

you all want dubstep, and you don't even know a thing about it, i can tell you
all that you need to know, but you ain't never being patient all you do is doubt it, I can try
all that I want with flow, to show you that all of the prods you know, are sick of the
game that we made, but it's all good, isn't this all a little much over just another meme bro


released August 27, 2013
Performed by F3nning and Rhyme Flow, Produced by F3nning



all rights reserved


F3nning Minneapolis, Minnesota

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