Let This Be The End

by F3nning

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Most people make pony love songs, but, why not make a song about friend-zoning a pony? because that's stup-SHUT UP IT'S ORIGINAL IM A GENIOUS.

Either way, I hope you like the song!!!

The art for the song was done by Chattersthebox!

Chattersthebox's Deviantart: chattersthebox.deviantart.com

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"My Little Pony Friendship is Magic", and all subsequently owned property, belongs to Hasbro, The Hub, The Discovery Channel, and all subsequent partners and owners. The music and lyrics were made by myself. The artwork was made by Chattersthebox, and edited by myself.



Hey applejack my dear
I feel I should say that
We're getting closer yet I fear
that you just don't get that

I love you like I love a friend
I'll be there till the very end
but if you try one more time
to flirt then this'll be the end of it


Applejack, I love you
but not in the way you want me to
yes as much as you want to
I will never date you

And although there's chemistry
I don't see why we'd want to be
anything, more than friends
so please just let this be the end

let this be the end x4


Applejack I don't think you can see
you're so oblivious and all you ever think of is me
and you together getting married living happy and free
but yo I think you got a little bit of head injury

see, I don't wanna be breakin' your heart, because we're best of friends
we'll make amends if you feel that you'll trip again
I know you meant the best of intentions when you sent
for more than what I was making us out to be, so please just lend your ear,

your hoof or your mind or something that will help me break
the terrible Ice we got between us since that fateful day
that you decided that you would ask if i would make a date
and sure it was stupid but you know I'll love and tolerate

I guess twilight done enchanted me, smarty pants convincing you
to thinking that you're into me, when really you don't have a clue
well now you do right, we're cool, we're tight?
You're done with chasing me- like you'll ever be, right <.<




released September 10, 2012



all rights reserved


F3nning Minneapolis, Minnesota

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