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Thanks to Rina-Chan and IBeaBronyRapper for the awesome singing and rapping, respectively!

IBeaBronyRapper's Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ibeabronyrapper

Rina-Chan's Channel: www.youtube.com/user/MeleePrincess

The amazing art for the song was done by Chattersthebox!

Chattersthebox's Deviantart: chattersthebox.deviantart.com

This Track is FREE! Download here: www.mediafire.com?sm4c9k018y4osz2

and here: www.mediafire.com?xhebb3r9wniosog



When we first met, you said that we were friends
You said that you would be with me until the end
you set me up, you made my heart feel new
but I was wrong, you're twisted, dark like pinkie's brew

When you said no I thought that we could try to pick the pieces up
but when you said that we were through, I guess that I was out of luck
I guess you never thought that I would say goodbye to my dear friend
you'll have to face the fact that we are through cause you wanted the end.


yo, you said friendship's magic, but Ima let you know that your friendship's tragic
putting her on hold got your back turned cold, saying who in the world is gonna ever love that chick

well that's sick, crossing AJ off the list ,you're crazy with a red mane, glasses and a lisp
cause your twisted, resisted a special pony with enough grit to tell anypony that they're love sick

it can't be her fault she's perfect, apple farming honesty, girl you gotta work it
makin' ponies jealous on the fields, droppin' tree kicks, and catching any apples that fall up into her basket

the only other thing she ever had time for, was a certain somepony that she cared for
it was you F3 she prepared for, but her was the only thing you were never really there for


I gave my love, I let you know you were the apple of my eye
then why did you decide to break my heart and let our friendship die
you said that I in being honest kept the best of all intent
well honestly, the reason why we're through is cause you wanted the end


released November 4, 2012
"My Little Pony Friendship is Magic", and all subsequently owned property, belongs to Hasbro, The Hub, The Discovery Channel, and all subsequent partners and owners. The music and lyrics were made by F3nning. Singing vocals were done by Rina-Chan. Rapping vocals were done by IBeaBronyRapperThe artwork was made by Chattersthebox, and edited by F3nning.



all rights reserved


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